Jan 31, 2011


bende2 kat bawah nih, kena ingat sampai mati..seriously..

1/ never mention problem during diet counseling..

2/ never repeat the same question..

3/ focus and relax so u can avoid problem no.2

4/ introduce urself first before said anything..

5/tell ur role as a dietitian and u want to help

6/ be consistent and follow ur interview guide if possible..(make sure it complete)

7/ never ask.." selalu bangun pagi pukul berapa?"..stupid question..believe me..

8/ ask open question..

9/ use simple words when explain things..

10/ never practice ur diet recall or anything else with ur annoying course-mate..believe me..


farah.yasmin said...

aku nak like byk kali..esp last one :PP

crenarchaeota said...

hahahaha..tau xpe..:)

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