Jan 26, 2011

AnoReXia NerVoSa

Pasal Anorexia Nervosa plak..

Anorexia nervosa (AN) is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight, often coupled with a distorted self image which may be maintained by various cognitive biases that alter how the affected individual evaluates and thinks about her or his body, food and eating. Persons with AN continue to feel hunger, but deny themselves all but very small quantities of food. The average caloric intake of a person with AN is 600-800 calories per day, but there are extreme cases of complete self-starvation.It is a serious mental illness with a high incidence of comorbidity and the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder (Wikipedia, 2011).

So, since AN patient usually afraid to eat large quantity of food, we need create diet regimen that have high energy food in small portion size.

total energy after modified= 606 kcal.
total energy before modified = 200kcal

Ayam berempah = ayam bahagian drumstick (130kcal) + honey (60kcal)

Salad = potato (37.7 kcal) + cashew nut (45kcal) + raisin (60kcal)

Orange milkshake = orange (60kcal) + skim milk (90kcal)

Bread = wholemeal bread (75kcal) + cheese (48.25)

resepi ni pun sebenarnye modified dari case study yang dapat hari tuh..menurut kata Dr. N, kita tak boleh tukar menu sesuka hati je..just boleh modified je..tambah ape yang perlu dan kurangkan apa yang patut..sebabnye kalau kite buat menu baru, susah untuk patient comply dengan menu tuh..

ok, sekian. terima kasih.

lepas ni pasal bulimia nervosa plak..^-*

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