Aug 20, 2010

The Malaysian Dietary Guidelines 2010

1/eat variety of food within your recommended intake

2/ Maintain body weight in a healthy range

3/ Be physically active everyday

4/ Eat adequate amount of rice, other cereal products (preferably whole grain) and tubers

5/ eat plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday

6/ Consume moderate amounts of fish, meat, poultry, egg, legumes and nuts

7/ Consume adequate amounts of milk and milk products

8/ Limit intake of foods high in fat and minimize fats and oils in food preparation

9/ Choose and prepare foods with less salt and sauces

10/ Consume foods and beverages low in sugar

11/ Drink plenty of water daily

12/ Practice exclusive breastfeeding from birth until six months and continue to breastfed until two years of age

13/ Consume safe and clean foods and beverages

14/ Make effective use of nutrition information on food labels


Anonymous said...

11. drink plenty of "sugar or water" daily?

crenarchaeota said...

sorry..typing error...

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