Feb 1, 2011


Pernah tak tengok cerita junior masterchef?? tv reality series from australia..kalau belum tengok, sangat rugi..serius..memang rugi giler..rancangan ni boleh buat diri sendiri rasa macam loser (in cooking).. especially when u see 8-12 years old kids can cook pastry but urself dun have any idea how to do it..but how is it possible for 12 years old kids cook lots of amazing foods..

Lamb Wellington with Spinach and Mushroom Duxcell cooked by..
Pierre, 12 years old..(my fav contestant)

Lamb Cutlet cooked by..
Jack, 12 years old..(runner-up)

Cherry, Berry and Creme Pastissiere Tarts with Syrup cooked by..
Isabella, 12 years old..

Hebat giler diorang nie..kagum2..well, lepas nih dh tau dah nak dapat nice recipe dari mane..:)

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Junior MasterChef 2010 - Isabella Bliss said...

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