Dec 21, 2010


Mase cuti2 macam nie mmg donlod citer jd hobi no. 1..sume citer yg ade kat tv nk didonlod..esp bile dlm 1 week je dah dapat 1 season..hoho..bahagia..kali nie sambung donlod citer leverage plak..lepas beberapa mgu stop, akhirnye citer nie sambung semula..nasib baik..bukan macam cerita csi, white collar ngn private practice yang sambung lepas new year..ish, ngade betul..wat aku suspen je..esp citer white collar..ending last episode ari tuh memang suspen giler..OMG, neal caffrey is totally him..=D

Leverage OverView (copy dr wiki je..heheh)

Former insurance investigator Nathan Ford and his team act as modern-day Robin Hoods, pulling elaborate cons targeting the greedy and the corrupt who have deceived their working class clients. At the beginning of season one, the team is brought together to pull a heist, but upon being betrayed by the man who hired them, they get revenge by sinking his company and amass a fortune in the process. Due to the thrill of working together, the team decides to stay together and moves into their Los Angeles headquarters where they use their unique skills to assist helpless victims of the rich and powerful. At the end of the first season, the team must disband, but re-form in Boston at the beginning of season two. Season two ends with the team still intact but physically separate from Ford, who is in FBI custody. Season three opens with Ford in prison, while the team attempts to find a way to get him out, until fate intervenes in the form of a mysterious Italian woman, who aids in Nate's escape but blackmails the team into taking down infamous and untouchable criminal figure Damien Moreau.

p/s: yeah, i like story about con-artist..adore them..hoho..<3

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