Apr 2, 2010


dh lame x dgr lagu nih..
ari tuh dh donlot, tp bru terigt nk dgr.. best3..terigt kenangan mase kat samura..
cik charkmie lah yg yg ak terjatuh hati dgn lagu nih..

Album : Devotees
Munsyid : Devotees

You like to live
like to believe
Essence of life is fun
Want to pretend
The life that you live
Has no guiding hands and you

Jumped into the monies
And never looked back
Moved away from righteousness
You want it all
And don't care if you fall
You wanna see the world
You wanna be the world

Try to believe
The reason to live
Eternal compassion
You'll feel it deep within inside of you

The chance to live
A new life
A new beginning
But you


Do you throw life away
Don't you wanna be among
The ones who faught for the truth
When you eyes were blinded
By the taste temptation in your life
Then tell me why must you

Lagu : Waheeda
Lirik: Waheeda

p/s; lagu len yg ak suke..kekasih, tragedi diana, mahar cinta, tika dinihari...from devotees..


nadiRASUL@iman said...

love da song too :)
wah2..makin berjinak2 dgn devotees arh :P
miss me ekh??hehehe

shakila pingi said...

heheh..tibe2 terigt pd devotees...my jr pon suke tau kat diorg.x sangke popular juge diorg ekh..hahah..

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